Maryland United (MDU) basketball program includes boys' teams from 9th through 11th grade. MDU practices in the Montgomery County area and plays year-round in regional and national tournaments, as well as local AAU leagues.  


MDU is in search of players who are committed to the concepts of teamwork, fundamentals, integrity and sportsmanship with their teammates and opponents. 


Players must also be willing to be mentored and “coachable” with a positive attitude.  


The team originated in March 2018 and was formed by Coaches Tyrus Wheeler and Rudy Dockery (Doc.). Both coaches are retired from the Army and Air Force respectively and currently serve as Civilians in the Fed Govt. They both hold high security clearances and positions of Public Trust and thus have been carefully vetted and deemed trustworthy…they are trusted with their players!  


MDU's mission is to recruit players in the Montgomery County, Maryland area, with good character who are aspiring to make their Junior Varsity basketball teams if not already playing basket ball for their respective schools.


Tryouts are held at team practice.


Please contact Coach Doc for additional information about tryouts and evaluations. 


Coach Doc

(301) 328-6199